swedish arrow.

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stockholm, sweden. september twenty ten.

final selections and layout for the amsterdam showing @ coffeebar…

after some prompting from friends, land of pop had its first photo display last month at coffeebar, the hip urbany mountain, best coffee in the world locale in truckee, ca. in addition to a few LA photos snapped from the driver’s seat at various traffic light stops, selected snapshots from a 2 day bike ride through amsterdam made their way to high gloss vinyl prints adhered to 12×12 custom wood and aluminum mounts. the final work pieced together looks like this –>

Amsterdam Photo Show, Coffeebar, Autumn Rose

deep gratitude for all the awesome people that came out to be merry and support the opening 12.20.11, which included works from local artists Allison Smith, Autumn Rose, Jesse De Clercq, Grant Kaye and Seth Lightcap. photos will be on display for a couple of more weeks…so indulge in a custom art latte treat and check it out…

special thanks goes out to Forrest Huisman, Chris Willford & Shannon Whitehead for inspiration, James McLeod for photo coverage and Greg Buchheister (coffeebar owner) for making it all possible. fantastique!

what really matters.

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stuff…things, doodads, careers, beers, booze & the daily news really are of no consequence. the world so wrapped up in all this filler, making it hard to not always feel like we’re missing out on something. in the end it’s the people that you love and the laughs along the way that truly matter. it’s impossible to fill that kind of gaping hole with all other things so trivial.

trust me i’ve tried. see more of calvary cemetery here….

"brooklyn block party", "block party", "brooklyn", "williamsburg block party"
"brooklyn block party", "block party"

time lapse in more ways than one. hello land of pop! hello new york! it’s been awhile…

New York Night Skyline

desert beauty.

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california. 395. desert beauty. time stands still. magic abounds. inyo. whitney. joshua tree. knives. knives. knives… my talent for writing something meaningful is dwindling. hollow sorries. hollow sorrow. hollow heart.

hero since day one.

Posted: May 28, 2011 in inspiration, love, people

this past month marks the beginning of not having one of the most amazing humans here on planet earth. the world just feels different with you gone kip garre. nevermind that it had been a year since we got to hang out and have a heart to heart. whether or not you had climbed ten mountain tops in india, antarctica & alaska between the time we saw each other last, time stood still with you. just knowing that you’re not out there doing your thing somehow changes everything.

the fact you lived life to the fullest and realized so many of your biggest dreams is but a small consolation.. there are just too damn many of us that still want to see your infectious smile, feel your genuine warmth and be inspired by your presence. you went where eagles dare and achieved what millions of people would only dare to dream.

you = all heart & soul, half man, half amazing. a hero to me since day one. i remember gazing at the stars. love you kip. ♥♥♥

fall 2010 extracts.

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hard to keep mind over matter. time is running thin, blurring together like all the dreams one has in the course of a night. images seen whizzing by on a bike, doubling back to snap it before it’s been replaced. in many ways the same as us humans.

in love with the people of mexico…basically just in love with mexico. period. i could live there.


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missing NY…mad crazy flavor.

8 feet. 10 feet. 12 feet. KT. red dog. experts only. shredding mountains. steep & deep. too deep. burgers. hot dogging. hot tub poaching. lake runs. train tressels. granite peak. squallywood. dave’s deli. skier boys. sushi. reno runs. jaliscos. good friends. old friends. new friends. truckee love. snow lagoons. stoking fires. broken arrows. bike lanes. bluebird & blowers….

london calling…take two. landmark medley, including the london eye and major tube infatuation, zig zagging every which way across the gigantic city, taking all but one or two lines. highlights: undoubtedly the east end!!!, being a super duper tourist, pub fun with local bloke mr. jones and ending it all with a night at the bedford and a wild ride home, courtesy of erin penner & tony moore (original member of iron maiden & cutting crew…how is that even possible?). yes, we’re talking ‘i just died in your arms tonight’ acclaim. awesomeness. it’s only been 5 months since part one was posted…oops.

come on over for a bbq she said…pierogi party madness that is…4 frying pans, 3 sheet pans and 10 sticks of butter flying through the air, all manned by the multi-tasking, multi-talented pierogi king himself. oh what a party. pierogies, kielbasa, whiskey and ale. did i mention butter. it was all so goooood!

everyone took a time out to sing ‘take a load off anny’, southern man and some other nostalgic classics with all the heart and soul they could muster. it was a comforting moment…a warming feeling really. it sucked you into its’ warm belly of togetherness, making one never want to be spit out into the cold brutal air again. follow it up with multiple days of sunshine, eternal sunsets, hilly hikes, boardwalk skates and one tall glass of killepitsch on ice and it amounts to another week of winter ventures. somehow i made it through the wilderness. like a virgin. touched for the very first time.

klover cakes.

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one of the absolute best things about san francisco is getting to see my lovely friend klover. she is as sweet as this frosting and made perfect swirls on every single cupcake except for one.
extra special treatness = chocolate yum = klover cakes ♥ ♥ ♥