hero since day one.

Posted: May 28, 2011 in inspiration, love, people

this past month marks the beginning of not having one of the most amazing humans here on planet earth. the world just feels different with you gone kip garre. nevermind that it had been a year since we got to hang out and have a heart to heart. whether or not you had climbed ten mountain tops in india, antarctica & alaska between the time we saw each other last, time stood still with you. just knowing that you’re not out there doing your thing somehow changes everything.

the fact you lived life to the fullest and realized so many of your biggest dreams is but a small consolation.. there are just too damn many of us that still want to see your infectious smile, feel your genuine warmth and be inspired by your presence. you went where eagles dare and achieved what millions of people would only dare to dream.

you = all heart & soul, half man, half amazing. a hero to me since day one. i remember gazing at the stars. love you kip. ♥♥♥


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