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what really matters.

Posted: December 20, 2011 in life, love
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stuff…things, doodads, careers, beers, booze & the daily news really are of no consequence. the world so wrapped up in all this filler, making it hard to not always feel like we’re missing out on something. in the end it’s the people that you love and the laughs along the way that truly matter. it’s impossible to fill that kind of gaping hole with all other things so trivial.

trust me i’ve tried. see more of calvary cemetery here….

funny that one of the most magical places in the world is where vito corleone was buried in the ‘the godfather’.  i never would have been the wiser if it hadn’t been for an aimless biking adventure to queens that ran me smack dab into the calvary cemetery. at a time when i could really use some angel love, i couldn’t help but revel in the serendipitous fortune of finding a whole sea of oversized perched angels surrounding me in every direction, as if they had been calling me to them. give me hope.

like all of the sacred souls who had met their fate, i couldn’t help but be captivated by the awe and beauty of the place. i ended up lollygagging in the endless field of late 1800’s tombstones and headstones, with the panoramic manhattan skyline as a backdrop and the tippy top of the empire state building jutting up in the sky, as if it was planted there in the ground.  such an overwhelming sense of history and peace, while the craziness of new york carries on just outside the gates…the hustle, hustle bustle in contrast to the dead calm.