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fall 2010 extracts.

Posted: May 26, 2011 in street art
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hard to keep mind over matter. time is running thin, blurring together like all the dreams one has in the course of a night. images seen whizzing by on a bike, doubling back to snap it before it’s been replaced. in many ways the same as us humans.

i was finally able to wrap my head around the amsterdam segment of my trip…it’s only been 3 months. thick, thick brain mud is to blame. looking at these brings a certain wave of sadness; of how i want to return, of how i want to keep running, of how i want to journey on around the world and yet also the heartbreaking reality of having noone to share the adventure or memories with. a semi-saving grace could be the parallel wave of excitement that also creeps in from a mixture of accomplishment, lessons learned and eye opening experiences.

bikes, bikes and more bikes! amsterdam was also full of character. not what i thought it was going to be exactly. charming as it was, there was also a sense of sketchy amongst dutch safety, a sense of wholesome amongst whore, and a sense of crankiness amongst calm. with their own dry humor, it was funny to find out how amsterdammers are somewhat a culture of complaint. all in all, i felt an odd impression of peace. it was definitely cool.

After randomly snapping some of his wall pieces in London last month, I discovered the Belgian street artist ROA had a pop-up show on the other side of my LA tracks at New Puppy Gallery. What was enticingly different about his installation compared to big throw up pieces on city walls was its’ interactive 3D effect. The simplistic images of animal forms become a more complex mortality ponder, with a personal experience of transformation as you walked, turned and flipped shutters from whole animal to hearts, bones and brains. At first glance, a mound of rats. At second glance, a harrowing pile of skeletons.

ROA was a cool dude too, happy to casually talk about his work and his next appearance @ Art Basel Miami while rolling a cone. The LA show closed last week, but his rats may still be painted on the outside of the building; adding much needed flare to the neighborhood. Click here for a better collection of photos…

found something cool to do in east london thanks to my london savvy friend penner. pronounced penn-ah.…notice the stolen blog theme. haa, just kidding. more london posts to come!

in the meantime, classic photo of a london bloke at the tube…

the world is full of messages with many a soul sending out a sos. yet, maybe albert einstein said it best, ‘reality is merely an illusion’.

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street art.

Posted: July 7, 2010 in street art
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i’ve got a mini infatuation with this phenomenon….and always on the perpetual hunt for more eye candy. there’s alot of hype and debate going on out there about who did what and who’s a fraud and who’s idea and who’s style and who’s selling out and why. but in the end it’s all street art to me. refreshing.

LA is really full of beauty. Mainstream and underground.