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Artist, filmmaker, musician, muralist, ripping skateboarder, art director, ROCK STAR. April Jones is all of these things and more.

“Artist is a very vague term so it’s hard to describe what I do because I try to do everything. I’m an artist through filmmaking, skateboarding, painting, photography, animation and even the art of conversation (laughs). ” She decides “Producer” most aptly describes what she would call herself because she produces in all the above mediums in one form or another.  Even so she can’t help mentioning her favorite and most fantasized title of “Rock Star” a few more times throughout the interview (and rightly so).


semi juvenile art.

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other worldly.

All by A. Rose from days of old.

indian. love.

hotstuff. available by appointment.
nails by pdxbmx nails by pdxbmx
nails by pdxbmxnails by pdxbmx

after some prompting from friends, land of pop had its first photo display last month at coffeebar, the hip urbany mountain, best coffee in the world locale in truckee, ca. in addition to a few LA photos snapped from the driver’s seat at various traffic light stops, selected snapshots from a 2 day bike ride through amsterdam made their way to high gloss vinyl prints adhered to 12×12 custom wood and aluminum mounts. the final work pieced together looks like this –>

Amsterdam Photo Show, Coffeebar, Autumn Rose

deep gratitude for all the awesome people that came out to be merry and support the opening 12.20.11, which included works from local artists Allison Smith, Autumn Rose, Jesse De Clercq, Grant Kaye and Seth Lightcap. photos will be on display for a couple of more weeks…so indulge in a custom art latte treat and check it out…

special thanks goes out to Forrest Huisman, Chris Willford & Shannon Whitehead for inspiration, James McLeod for photo coverage and Greg Buchheister (coffeebar owner) for making it all possible. fantastique!

After randomly snapping some of his wall pieces in London last month, I discovered the Belgian street artist ROA had a pop-up show on the other side of my LA tracks at New Puppy Gallery. What was enticingly different about his installation compared to big throw up pieces on city walls was its’ interactive 3D effect. The simplistic images of animal forms become a more complex mortality ponder, with a personal experience of transformation as you walked, turned and flipped shutters from whole animal to hearts, bones and brains. At first glance, a mound of rats. At second glance, a harrowing pile of skeletons.

ROA was a cool dude too, happy to casually talk about his work and his next appearance @ Art Basel Miami while rolling a cone. The LA show closed last week, but his rats may still be painted on the outside of the building; adding much needed flare to the neighborhood. Click here for a better collection of photos…

super sweet surprise spending the night in LA’s chinatown. on top of its general radness, strung lanterns & neon lights illuminating the way to chung king road, i got to peep dethkills shades of grey show at the POVevolving gallery. stark genius typography painting wizardry. awesome photozine. buzzing crowd. all wrapped up with wonton soup at master chef. do jeh!

optical illusions were caught by more eyes than mine…now need to stumble upon some of their street art.

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