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new mexico was such a treat. desert landscapes and pueblo lands that transport you to an era of authentic cowboys & indians. one that you didn’t think could exist in this day and age. but it does. mountain vistas, rolling clouds, hot springs and a breeze that blows just a hint of sacred. simply quite magical.

8 feet. 10 feet. 12 feet. KT. red dog. experts only. shredding mountains. steep & deep. too deep. burgers. hot dogging. hot tub poaching. lake runs. train tressels. granite peak. squallywood. dave’s deli. skier boys. sushi. reno runs. jaliscos. good friends. old friends. new friends. truckee love. snow lagoons. stoking fires. broken arrows. bike lanes. bluebird & blowers….

kite flying.

Posted: January 11, 2011 in spirit

noone will ever be you. 1.11.11

somebody rode off into the sunset with all my dreams.™

Rincon, Puerto Rico 2009

each and every statue, rendering or religious image stands as a symbol…a specific moral, lesson, value or even something more profound. we are surrounded, reminded, taunted, inspired, hopefully forgiven and somewhat soothed.

*one of these things is not like the catching it?

dark, dark days.

Posted: September 4, 2010 in life, spirit
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these have been rough, tough, dark, dark days. what do you do when you’ve lost all your hopes and dreams? the only rock you ever knew? when the love of your life left you for dead and negates your entire existence? when grief pushes you further and further away from everything and everyone? when you only make it out of bed one or two days a week? when you’ve done all you can do? when nothing you do is good enough? when noone can understand what the hell is the matter with you? when you can’t even figure it out yourself? when there is no more hope and you have become a walking zombie?

my intention was to create this cool photo blog of sorts and this just doesn’t fit into the equation…my apologies. at best, the only thing i can seem to relate to right now is the reality of a widow.