Artist, filmmaker, musician, muralist, ripping skateboarder, art director, ROCK STAR. April Jones is all of these things and more.

“Artist is a very vague term so it’s hard to describe what I do because I try to do everything. I’m an artist through filmmaking, skateboarding, painting, photography, animation and even the art of conversation (laughs). ” She decides “Producer” most aptly describes what she would call herself because she produces in all the above mediums in one form or another.  Even so she can’t help mentioning her favorite and most fantasized title of “Rock Star” a few more times throughout the interview (and rightly so).

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new mexico was such a treat. desert landscapes and pueblo lands that transport you to an era of authentic cowboys & indians. one that you didn’t think could exist in this day and age. but it does. mountain vistas, rolling clouds, hot springs and a breeze that blows just a hint of sacred. simply quite magical.

semi juvenile art.

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other worldly.

All by A. Rose from days of old.

Bali: island paradise, beach bliss, point breaks, crazy motorbike traffic, indosole , surf, bumping Kuta disco clubs, but epic bowl shredding?

Global shred seekers will be happy to know the answer is YES! After hours of driving up and down the dark, lush streets of a small Balinese town looking for a ‘fork’ in the trees, a guy on a motorbike appeared out of nowhere and like the workings of black magic pointed the way to our destination. And then around that last curve there it was, lit up in all its’ glory, Bali’s own jungle bowl. Complete with a shred sesh in full effect and hesh sounds blaring from the boom box.

sanur bowl, bali skateboarding, julien bergougnoux

overview of the sanur bowl…a.ka. jungle bowl.

Smiles instantly spread across our faces as we jumped out of the van and joined the action. A group of Balinese shred dogs were rooting each other on in the mini, while the local star slasher, Llong, was going through his barrage of lip tricks and melon 360 mute grabs on one side of the bowl. Bestest shred friend & indosole co-founder, Faye Middleton, dropped in with a fury, only stopping to catch her breath and play with the giant turd making it’s way around the pool. Peter Jones took a hiatus from his usual surf adventures & running Bali Alternative Media to get in on the fun and carved some wicked lines through the deep end.

“Can you play skateboard?” one of the kids asked me with wide eyes. Another told me there was a street spot in Sanur that they had used their own money to set up a box and rail. They also let me know about the local skate shop in Legian called In Motion, which sold decks for 350,000 rupiah ($35) and had a free Indo skate mag called Happen. Sick. There really was a spawning Bali skate scene hidden behind the bush.

keep it clean. sanur skate crew.

keep it clean. sanur skate crew.

True destroyer and owner of the pool, Julien Bergougnoux, was a gracious host and made silly runs throughout the night with a gleam in his eye. Wouldn’t you if you had your own shredtastic backyard bowl and a Balinese princess as a wife? Originally from France, Julien moved to Bali in 2000 and met his future wife at a dinner party. After courting her for almost two years, the village king allowed his daughter’s hand in marriage. Not so common in this traditional land. But after all was said and done, Julien was able to buy a nice plot of land and build up his family compound.

julien bergougnoux, bali skateboarding, sanur bowl, balinese princess

julien, his balinese princess & daughter.

Built in two phases, the bowl was first opened in 2005 with an extension added in 2008, making it the size of a small town skatepark for now. Built over a couple of months with really primitive tools; 2 foot shovels instead of excavators and wooden versus steel trowels, the newly finished concrete turned out super smooth to roll on. Shred sessions are open to anyone on Wednesday and Saturday nights and any impromptu scheduling Julien feels up to…of course don’t hold me to that schedule. Jungle rules apply.

Although Julien’s bowl may remain the true ‘secret shred’, a Globe bowl was constructed in Jimbaran by Jaya Brandall, long-time park and bowl builder who might be best known for the original Santa Rosa skatepark. Globe felt Bali was ready and in need of some more legitimate skate spots and opened July 2009. Jaya calls it the “Indo bedpan with a turd in the middle”. You can even see it from the plane if you watch for it to the right of the airstrip heading East.

**Article originally written for Fuel TV 2009 by Autumn Rose. Now resurrected from the dead.

not so long ago i procured my photos with more love and embellishment of internal context or adventurous tales. but the ways of the world soon set in and time has run thin. photography is now a mainstream art available to the masses on the go and we no longer have time to ponder the meaning much of anything. just a tiny manifesto that land of pop was resurrected before the days of the instagram phenomenon. and may one day return to it’s original luster of those founding BK days.


free tv.

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night rides and vintage neon never go out of style.

vintage neon

indian. love.

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The evolution of women’s skateboarding…it is happening. And fun to watch, considering I grew up in a time and place where girls were not fostered to skate despite love at first sight. Lizzie Armanto, Justyce Tabor, Nicole Noller, Abby Zsarnay and soul shredder Colette Peterson were among the lady shreds who showed up to rule the northwest Oregon Trifecta event at Pier Park Skate Park for a mindboggling $100 top cash prize. With 3-4 foot airs out of the 11.5 foot concrete bowl, transfers over the doorway in the full pipe, switch carve lines and handplants most of the guys weren’t even attempting….only $100!? Yes. In this particular case it was mainly due to event development issues, but the stakes are rarely high for the skill and risk these ladies take. Larger purses do happen at events like the X-Games and this weeks Rocky Mountain Rampage will be offering up a $2,000 prize purse for the Women’s Bowl event (versus $4,000 for the men). Still, these are major feats we are talking about people!

As any evolution story goes, the more females actually skating will naturally compute to more females ripping shred lines and pushing bags of tricks. Even though the number of ladies out there has been on the rise for the last 20 or so years and is exponentially increasing with the times, there has been a wax and wane of recognition and compensation in this realm for quite awhile, as has been seen in any initially male dominated sport. Legendary women’s skateboarding pioneer, Cara-Beth Burnside, is a testament to the gender bias at play and regardless of deep respect garnered over the years, she still contends with baffling career roadblocks.

Either way, it’s really about the grind. Ladies unite.

nicole noller, frontside air, oregon trifecta 2012abby zsarnay, gap transfer, oregon trifecta 2012lizzie armanto, handplant, oregon trifecta 2012abby zsarnay, frontside air, oregon trifecta 2012justyce tabor, grind, oregon trifecta 2012lizzie armanto, backside air, oregon trifecta 2012

winners, oregon trifecta 2012
2012 marked the 10th anniversary of the Oregon Trifecta, originally founded by NW local Choppy Omega and sanctioned by the global governing organization, World Cup Skateboarding (WCS). Unfortunately, due to permit and insurance snagfu’s, the Trifecta has become a Unifecta the last few years with a one location event versus three. Nonetheless, it remains an honorable event as a stop on the WCS Bowl Series and features a ladies, am, pro and master division, in addition to strong support by Sector Nine, Skull Candy and legendary skaters.

Of course the men and up & comers were fun to watch too! See all photos here.

*all photos by autumn rose – ©landofpop

drive by shooting.

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it was but a whiz.

hotstuff. available by appointment.
nails by pdxbmx nails by pdxbmx
nails by pdxbmxnails by pdxbmx

only 85% more to go.

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electric meters & balls.

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swedish arrow.

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stockholm, sweden. september twenty ten.