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london calling…take two. landmark medley, including the london eye and major tube infatuation, zig zagging every which way across the gigantic city, taking all but one or two lines. highlights: undoubtedly the east end!!!, being a super duper tourist, pub fun with local bloke mr. jones and ending it all with a night at the bedford and a wild ride home, courtesy of erin penner & tony moore (original member of iron maiden & cutting crew…how is that even possible?). yes, we’re talking ‘i just died in your arms tonight’ acclaim. awesomeness. it’s only been 5 months since part one was posted…oops.

found something cool to do in east london thanks to my london savvy friend penner. pronounced penn-ah.…notice the stolen blog theme. haa, just kidding. more london posts to come!

in the meantime, classic photo of a london bloke at the tube…