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aside from being extremely hassled at the UK border & and being kicked out on on the curb of a snooty hotel i was invited to stay at…LONDON WAS AH-MAZING.

i was fortunate to have one ms. erin penn-ah meet me my first night and make things uber delightful after we found a carpeted ceiling basement club selling teapot cocktails with a debbie harry look-a-alike DJ, playing classic british punk & ska tunes…what one envisioned london to be in the early 80’s. after dancing the night away, the rest of the days entailed mary poppins adventures with nanny penn-ah, late night carousing with a fine english lad & his friends, an east end street art tour and the quintessential sight seeing of central london, complete with fake police hats and standing guard.

ps. londoners are the most fashionable people on the planet. heart them.
—>>> part two

one of my favorite things about summer in new york is how fresh squeezed lemonade is available at every turn. but undoubtedly, another best is the people. always keeping it real…on the subway, on the street & on the stoop.

ode to my nishiki.

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$80 whip, you’ve been pretty damn good to me. thanks for the miles and miles of freedom. ox

each and every statue, rendering or religious image stands as a symbol…a specific moral, lesson, value or even something more profound. we are surrounded, reminded, taunted, inspired, hopefully forgiven and somewhat soothed.

*one of these things is not like the catching it?

not perfect.

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first real night shot. not perfect, but it’s a start. without a tripod.

funny that one of the most magical places in the world is where vito corleone was buried in the ‘the godfather’.  i never would have been the wiser if it hadn’t been for an aimless biking adventure to queens that ran me smack dab into the calvary cemetery. at a time when i could really use some angel love, i couldn’t help but revel in the serendipitous fortune of finding a whole sea of oversized perched angels surrounding me in every direction, as if they had been calling me to them. give me hope.

like all of the sacred souls who had met their fate, i couldn’t help but be captivated by the awe and beauty of the place. i ended up lollygagging in the endless field of late 1800’s tombstones and headstones, with the panoramic manhattan skyline as a backdrop and the tippy top of the empire state building jutting up in the sky, as if it was planted there in the ground.  such an overwhelming sense of history and peace, while the craziness of new york carries on just outside the gates…the hustle, hustle bustle in contrast to the dead calm.

i met a boy named joey (who ended up being the world’s biggest liar), while simultaneously chancing upon a live sex talk by none other than the infamous dr. ruth. and oh…i got my poster shot!

you know those places that you’re certain you will get to someday, but you just don’t know when? the nostalgic draw of coney island has been looming for days, months, years!! i had really wanted to experience it with my dear P, but we sadly never got the chance. finally made it there (unplanned) on the busiest of all saturdays…for the mermaid parade no less. i was actually on my way to the opposite end of the city when i bumped into some hot mermaids on the subway. they immediately took me under their flippers and tried to transform me into one of them, slathering me with glitter and gold and enticing me to take my top off. ha! as the story goes, we arrived too late to see all the floats and the king, LOU REED, himself…but i finally got to cash in on the freakshow and clam boob oogling i waited so long for. next time i’m going to try a weekday night.

mad crazy flavor

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getting around on my new $80 whip. nothing feels so sweet. nothing quite screams freedom like summer. free to do what i want, when i want, where i want. warm breezy nights and ice cream treats. whizzing past countless bodegas and lots and lots of metal, concrete, old school lamp posts and nostalgic signs of days gone past. streets oozing with character, buzzing with energy, steaming with heat…mad crazy brooklyn flavor.

engravings or cravings?

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1910 or 2010?

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this is my photo of the summer so far. JMZ broadway stop.

LA is really full of beauty. Mainstream and underground.

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