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you know those places that you’re certain you will get to someday, but you just don’t know when? the nostalgic draw of coney island has been looming for days, months, years!! i had really wanted to experience it with my dear P, but we sadly never got the chance. finally made it there (unplanned) on the busiest of all saturdays…for the mermaid parade no less. i was actually on my way to the opposite end of the city when i bumped into some hot mermaids on the subway. they immediately took me under their flippers and tried to transform me into one of them, slathering me with glitter and gold and enticing me to take my top off. ha! as the story goes, we arrived too late to see all the floats and the king, LOU REED, himself…but i finally got to cash in on the freakshow and clam boob oogling i waited so long for. next time i’m going to try a weekday night.