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Posted: November 9, 2015 in art, inspiration, interviews, people
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Artist, filmmaker, musician, muralist, ripping skateboarder, art director, ROCK STAR. April Jones is all of these things and more.

“Artist is a very vague term so it’s hard to describe what I do because I try to do everything. I’m an artist through filmmaking, skateboarding, painting, photography, animation and even the art of conversation (laughs). ” She decides “Producer” most aptly describes what she would call herself because she produces in all the above mediums in one form or another.  Even so she can’t help mentioning her favorite and most fantasized title of “Rock Star” a few more times throughout the interview (and rightly so).

In the course of a month Jones’ typical achievements are paramount to an entire creative team versus a single petite, fireball of a woman. Oozing positive and untapped energy, Jones effortlessly collaborates to curate, organize & promote art shows, front a band, fundraise & paint murals for Burnside Skatepark and network among her art, film & heavy metal circles to contribute to existing projects or develop new, cutting edge ones.

Her most recent curation, “Dream Evil” was on display at Future Shock PDX this past October. In addition to her own collection of 25+ dark, hesh style art pieces, she wrangled other local artists for a themed group show in tribute to favorite frontman, DIO. Opening night consisted of a freshly painted wall mural, fog machine and a live heavy metal DJ…complete with DIO on vinyl.

In fact, music was her number one passion growing up and has been her guiding force in all pursuits. Jones hitchhiked to Portland after high school with the intent of getting away from the junkie culture of her hometown near Methdesto (Modesto, CA). Serendipitously, that move provided her with the perfect culmination of creative, music and film opportunities that she was able to juggle like a master.

In 2010 Jones pushed it to the limits and started her own public access TV series, Slayed in Oregon, devoted to promoting and supporting the Heavy Metal community and airing 3x a month via Portland Community Media. Making personal dreams come true, she could now interview her favorite bands, attend free shows and use her constantly expanding film making skills to make rockumentaries.

Concurrently, she worked on the hit show Portlandia in the art department and completed the PCC film program, producing Kings of Sleaze as her final school project in 2013. The 10-minute rockumentary covers the shock rock band The Mentors and the antics of their notorious singer El Duce. Her innovative and daring approach garnered respect and ultimately the backing from the band to embark on another self-initiated project currently in full swing – a full-length documentary on one of the most shocking and controversial bands of all time is due to premiere in 2016 under her own branded Dream Evil Pictures.

But Jones takes it all in stride, unfazed by the hype or her experiences as the sole lady on tour with the inventors of “rape rock” (where she was only groped 2x). Or the fact that people used to tell her she’d never make it. Instead that negativity pushed her ambitions forward and she laughs it off, “Thanks for the encouragement assholes!”

She is just too busy to notice anything that others might find intimidating. Because if the above achievements aren’t inspirational enough, her recently formed band, Hectic Shock, plays about twice a month and needs to squeeze in a weekly practice. Jones leads the all girl, “skate witch thrash metal” band on vocals and rhythm guitar, while also promoting and booking shows. “We actually do rituals and stuff, not evil but positive. Beltane. Samhain shit.” And then notes that once her knee heals from a skateboarding injury she wants to skate and play guitar on stage at the same time. We’d like to know when she even sleeps…

It only seems par for the course that this woman ruled by her fire sign says she’s not satisfied. “Nothing is ever enough. I’m trying to fill this hole in my soul from all the fucked up things in life. My mind is constantly going. If I don’t do something creative, I go insane.” When asked about her biggest accomplishment, Jones shrugs her shoulders. “I’m not satisfied with the little I’ve done. “Never Satisfied” like Judas Priest. Satisfaction means there’s no room for improvement, so not being satisfied will help me improve. ”

Are you kidding me??

Words by Autumn Rose

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  1. Tony Eckman says:

    She has the creative fire muse raging in her soul. Would love to meet her. Very inspiring and interesting read.

  2. Stormie Ray says:

    This woman is a total badass and yes full of enlightened energy. Ive seen her play and she rages! If anyone deserves this article its you babe. Cant wait for the next show. Xoxoxo
    Stormie Ray

  3. Melissa says:

    Can’t wait to see the film!!! I’m sure it will be mind blowing coming from such a talented woman!!! Rock on with your bad ass😎🌟⭐️🤘🏻🤘🏻


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