ridiculously free summer.

Posted: August 16, 2010 in life
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summer recess. how many years ago was it since you truly had one? i’m talking about the days before your first job in high school…when you were on summer ‘break’, free to do what you wanted, when you wanted, where you wanted. well my new rule is it’s a requirement at least every 10 years, if not sooner, despite being a grown up now. it’s just so necessary.  it was the summer of 2000 that i moved to whistler and ran free like a child for 3 months, doing me a world of good. somewhat instinctively, i must have known it was time, as it just hit that ten year mark and my unplanned summer in new york is giving me that same awesome feeling. i highly recommend it.

keep bringing on the lazy lemonade days. carefree and lackadaisical, full of spontaneous and unknown adventures and no joke, FREE EVERYTHING!!! outdoor shows, parties, premieres, movies, museums, workshops, festivals, fireworks, parks, tee shirts, coozies, posters, drinks, pilates, sights, sounds and smells. bands like band of horses, the strange boys, she & him, lucero, metric, cut copy, !!!, d.o.a., ted leo & the pharmacists, murder city devils, the xx, chromeo, delorean, neon indian, ninjasonik, future islands, and lee (funk-n-soul) fields ! honestly, ridiculously amazing. ridiculously free.

  1. I like this Autumn. Good for you.


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